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Now that Vote-by-Mail Ballots have been sent to voters (who requested), remember these four important words: Sign, Seal and Deliver.

Voting by mail is safe, easy, and the best way to make sure your work schedule or any unexpected emergencies don’t impact your vote. And with a surge in mail ballots, returning your ballot is best. Not yet a mail voter, click here to request your ballot. There is still time!

And remember, no matter whom you choose; choose to vote!

Visit SMARTVote2020.org to register to vote, check your status, or sign up to vote by mail.


2020 Nominations and Elections cont..

Nominations will be conducted at the regular meeting of Local 426, Tues 27th day of October 2020 10 am at the Sheet Metal Workers Building located at 7209 E Trent Ave Spokane Valley WA. 99212.

Nominations may be made from the floor at the nomination meeting. Nominations do not require a second. Eligible members may self-nominate. Where nominations are made by nominating petition, at least 5 members eligible to vote shall sign the petition. Petitions MUST be delivered to the local Secretary prior to the nomination meeting or presented at the meeting. NO nominations may be made following the close of this meeting. Local Secretary Brian Neely may be contacted at bsneely72@hotmail.com or by phone at 509.879.9427

The election will be held by mail referendum. Tabulation of ballots will be conducted at the regular meeting of Local 426 on Tues 24th day of November 2020 at 10 am.