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As UTU members we are constantly in battle with the carrier over claims involving pay for services we perform. The carrier seems to go out of there way to find ways to violate our contract, or subvert our rates and or methods of payment. For this reason our contract provides us a means for handling disputes associated in our daily duties. We are committed to the process as it has served our membership well, and many of our members have received lucrative settlements because of the agreements in place for dealing with claims. With this in mind, a few reminders are in order, as we all have a tendency to forget some of the basics when preparing a claim before presentation to your representative.

  • If nothing else have a basic understanding of your agreements and how they apply.
  • If you’re not sure that you may be entitled to a claim, ask your representative.
  • When submitting a claim you need not include the article, your representative will include this information with his submission.
  • Be aware that time limits apply under the agreement, and they could effect the final outcome, so present the claim as soon as you can after the instance occurs. It’s important to get the information and the denial to your representative as soon as you receive it.
  • Most important of all—Document–Document–Document all pertinent information related to the claim for your representative. This is paramount for a successful conclusion in the process, many claims are lost because of insufficient data.

These five steps are easy, and if followed will bring positive results more often than not.

Assisting Other Trains

People: Please post something telling our people to show the times when they are instructed to assist another train (line back derails and or switches that your train does not use, helping with air tests and arming freds). There is no agreement for assisting trains on NP but have convinced LR that Rule 40 is applicable when we assist some other train. We need to show the times when we do this other work. No times shown, no money.

Rule 40. (a) Trainmen required to chain up cars set out by other trains and or rebrass or re-pack cars set out by other trains on account of hot boxes, fill water barrels (except to give water to section houses or extra gangs) fill water cars or tanks, or thaw out water tanks, will be paid for actual time so consumed in addition to time or miles made on the trip.

G. K. Virgin
Associate General Chairman
United Transportation Union
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(former Code 295)
*(Former BN Properties ONLY)*

Regarding UTU (Award 419) and BLE Locomotive Cab Requirements – Updated May 22, 2000. Locomotive Cab Defect Reporting Instructions for Employees. Code CC reporting requirements are as follows:

  • Locomotive designation, both alpha & numeric (e.g., ATSF502)
  • A brief description of the defect (e.g., excessive air leak causing unworkable cab environment)
  • Location of the defect, if applicable (e.g., air leak from the conductor side window seal)
  • Date and time the defect was reported
  • The NAME AND POSITION of the Supervisor that was contacted
  • Action taken by the supervisor contacted (e.g., Trainmaster Williams said to wait until the unit is inspected)


When submitting penalty claims for Runarounds (BD) and Mishandling (MC) on the Northwest Division, the following will be required:

Proper CA Code, Date of Occurrence, Location Where Incident Occurred, Board Numbers, Pools and Extra Boards, All Turn Numbers involved, Complete Train Symbols, Detailed Description of Incident.
Submit claim on appropriate Division (Example: A Whitefish employee should not submit a claim at Havre, account Montana Division).

FYI news.
If the carrier sends a switch crew to dog catch any where east of Rathdrum, you are to put in a basic day claim for running over the allowed 35 miles for switch crews to perform service.  This to be done on a stand alone claim 1b code 76.  State time, when, where, and what you did in the remarks section.
Arnie McDonald


When forwarding trip tickets for payment please do not write on the ticket. Attach a note along with the ticket. Little notes written on these items are not often appreciated by the local chairmen or the company officers. We know the frustration level of not getting paid on time, or a good claim.

Thank you,

Jim Larkin

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