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Q: What do I do about all the paper deadheading going on?2017-03-22T21:12:37-07:00
A: The Carrier has recently paper deadheaded crews account of shortages of employees. If there was an extra employee available or a person in town (not in pool) not called put in a claim. If you can track a turn at the other end, also file a claim. When all supply exhausted, they must call senior conductor in pool rested and offer move up (and leave that turn open for extra people later) if no senior employees want to move up, the junior employee must move up if they get him/her on the phone. If they do not do it this way, file claims for the senior guy not called.
Q. Do I have to take a call on my day off?2017-03-22T21:11:45-07:00
A. No. unless you are not on the no call list. If you are on the call list you are then subject to call as normal at all times while on your assigned day off.
Q. If I’m used for road service the day before my days off and I come back on my assigned day off, do I lose one of my days off?2017-03-22T21:11:03-07:00
A. Yes! The switchmen’s board is not like the road extra board. There are set day’s off on the switchmen’s extra board where there are not on the road.
Q. Do I have to protect 8 hrs prior to my day’s off start.2017-03-22T21:09:37-07:00
A. Yes. As long as there are no rested extra board people on the board behind you, or there are no extra board people on the board to fill all the jobs for that shift.
Q. When do my days off start?2017-03-22T21:02:46-07:00
A. 0001 of your first assigned day off.
Q. Do I get guarantee on my day’s off on the switchmen’s extra board?2017-03-22T21:03:12-07:00
A. Yes.
Q. If I get bumped off my days off regardless if I’m on board 55 or 40 do I have 48 hrs to make a move?2017-03-22T21:03:35-07:00
A. Yes.
Q. Do I have to be hostler qualified if I hired out before 1997 to work the switchmen’s extra board?2017-03-22T21:04:00-07:00
A. Yes, every one that wants to work the switchmen’s extra board has to be hostler qualified regardless of seniority date.
Q. Do I have to be Remote and Holster qualified to work the switchmen’s extra Board?2017-03-22T21:04:23-07:00
A. Yes!
Q. If I have a bump coming can I take what ever day’s off I can hold?2017-03-22T21:04:44-07:00
A. Yes, as long as there is a junior person than you on thoughts sets of day’s off.
Q. How do I change day’s off on the extra board?2017-03-22T21:05:09-07:00
A. After having the same sets of day’s off for 60 days you may change to what ever day’s off your seniority will allow.
Q. Can anyone on the Work Retention board be called to work off it? And do they have to take the call? Just a question account an employee is working another job until he is called back for full duty.2017-03-22T21:05:29-07:00
A. Employees on the WR list are not subject to call for other service. Remember the 48 hour recall provision. Stress it to all who take. They are paying us 500 (or $71.43 a day) a week to take a recall within 48 hours.
Q. Alternative Handling. When am I eligible?2017-03-22T21:05:53-07:00
A. Read the answer here and here.
Q. How to slide an approved layoff 6 hours2017-03-22T21:06:14-07:00