Project Description

Spokane/Hauser Extra Board 10

Allow a basic day penalty account I was first out and available on Spokane conductors extra board 10 when turn________Was removed from grand pool board 600. There are no collective bargaining agreements in place that allow for a pool to be self relieving. Due to the fact the carrier arbitrarily removed turn __________I missed a work opportunity that day

Grand Pool 600

Allow a basic day penalty account improper placement of my regular pool assignment turn #_______ on date________, the Carrier removed my turn from its regular working rotation and improperly positioned it in pool rotation upon my mark-up        at_______ time on Grand pool 600. There are no current CBA’s in place that allow this direct violation of the Conductors long standing contractual first-in-first out provisions (FIFO).

Allow a basic day for loss of work opportunities and earnings on (xx/xx/16) when turn#_____ employee (J.Doe) was improperly repositioned ahead of my pool turn after returning from a layoff event.

All employees displaced on Jan. 5th due to implementation of Grand Pool

Allow a basic day account restriction of seniority account I was required to protect Spokane job _______ on (date). Due to the carriers improper application and implementation of Article IX, I should have remained on my previous job Spo_____ which was an East/West end pool turn that protected service between (Spo-Whi) (Spo-Wen) (Spo-Wen)