Project Description

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please review the attached article from the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure which addresses rail safety and calls for 2 person minimum crew size laws. We are gearing up for next years short legislative session and working on many issues and fronts.


Please find the attached Fatigue Reporting Form for your membership, you can email it out as well as print copies and distribute.  They are interested in collecting data on train line up issues, paper deadheads, etc.  Please forward any completed forms you receive to Gen. Chairperson Jay Schollmeyer, also keep a copy for yourself and send a copy to this office as well so we can keep a record.


Once again, please find the attached Crew Hauler Incident Form.  We still need as many crew hauler incident records as we can obtain.  You may print the forms and distribute in your board rooms.    Affected employees (even from other crafts or unions) can also complete them online.  We don’t care how far back the incident was in time.  We need members to continue to submit these forms whenever there is ANY safety concern regarding the crew transportation providers.

To complete it online go to: additionally you can also find it on our website at:

Thanks so very much,

Herb Krohn

Wash. State Legislative Director
(206) 713-5442